Supersonic Your Time Jim Burson's Solution-Based Basketball® www.jimburson.comAre you starting to think about this season? You’d better supersonic your time, because with the snap of a finger, you’ll be heading in to your first game of 2014-15. Read my story and think about how to supersonic your time!

I grew up in Marysville, Ohio. We didn’t have a phone in the house. The first time I used a phone Gladys, the operator, said, “I’ll plug you in” and I spoke to my Grandma Fox!

Times change. Time flies. Time waits for no one.

All this was evident last weekend when I attended my 55th high school reunion in Marysville.

Times change. My home town has grown from less than 5,000 to over 25,000 and continuing to grow. The house where I grew up is gone. The town run (creek) that flowed behind my old home and runs through the town continues to run. My classmates have changed, and so have I. But when I look at them, I still see them as teenagers. We were blessed indeed.

Supersonic Your Time Jim Burson's Solution-Based Basketball® www.jimburson.comTime flies. Snap your fingers and your high school career is over, your professional career has ended, your kids have grown and the grandkids are in college. They say that the older you get, the faster it goes, and right now time seems to be flying on a supersonic jet.

Time waits for no one. My classmates and I are in varying states of health. Yet I was drawn together with them by their ability to live each day to its fullest. We were blessed to share our childhoods and to share special moments in our lives. As I often say, “The best is yet to come.”

While there is not one right way to prepare for your 55th high school reunion and not one right way to prepare for the upcoming basketball season, you’d better start preparing now to find a way to supersonic your time.
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P.S. I want to give a special shout out to my classmate, Carol Griffith, for her unending devotion, dedication and effort to get us together. She is the best!! It was indeed a blessed weekend with family, friends, classmates and my wife, Jennifer. Thank you for all the memories. See you at the 59th reunion for the class of ’59!

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