A Slow Look at Quick Hitters


Coaching Essentials: Learn how to choose and implement the best quick hitters to give your team an edge this season.

Quick hitters are a fact of life. Yet few coaches know how to choose the right one for their team and how to implement well for success.

In this live recording of the online master clinic, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

It’s the right blend of theory and practice to help you find solutions for your unique situation.

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Four cornerstones of quick hitter successCornerstone 1: Build a Foundation

Have you ever practiced a quick hitter that failed miserably during the game? That doesn’t have to happen if you understand the commonalities of all quick hitters. Once you learn this foundation, you’ll never forget it – and when you need a quick hitter, you’ll know just what to do.

Four cornerstones of quick hitter successCornerstone 2: Make Better Choices

Even if you don’t buy this webinar clinic, I hope you’ll apply this principle. The key to success with quick hitters is to select the ones that are right for your team and your situation. Getting this right will save you time, increase your confidence and your players’ confidence.

If you do buy the clinic (and I hope you will; I’m excited about sharing this knowledge with you), you’ll learn how to identify the specific problem that a quick hitter needs to fix. And you’ll then learn how to evaluate potential choices in these ways:

  • Based on your team needs
  • Based on your present offense
  • How it fits with your coaching style
  • Where it fits in your competitive environment

Four cornerstones of quick hitter successCornerstone 3: Make Time to Teach

We’re all pressed for time – and coaches more than many others. You’re short on practice time and preparation time. But there’s no two ways about it. Somehow the time to teach must be found. There’s no magic formula for this – but you already know that or you wouldn’t have read this far.

In this clinic, you’ll learn how to set priorities and organize so you’ll have the time you need to effectively teach your quick hitter (and you can apply these time management concepts everywhere else in your coaching and teaching.)

Four cornerstones of quick hitter successCornerstone 4: Don’t Slow the Feet

If you confuse the mind, you slow the feet. Quick hitters can add confusion to the defense, but they can add even more confusion to the offense if they’re not taught well to the players.

You’ll learn exactly how to break down any quick hitter and teach it to your team, no matter what the context is – within a flex, spread or any other O; whether it’s against man D, zone D or any other D; whether you want a post opportunity or anything else – and no matter what the level of your team is. You’ll also learn how to set up your quick hitters for success in all situations – out of transition, out of secondary O, running it first, running it second . . . the options are endless.

Use All the Cornerstones

Each of these four cornerstones enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any were missing.

  • You’ll know how to adapt quick hitters successfully
  • You’ll be more confident in practice
  • Your players will be more responsive
  • You’ll be quick to use the Big Word Offense

Coach Brad Sander, Varsity Boys Basketball, Woodmore High School

“Great webinar with lots of really useful information. Good to see quick hitters broken down into teachable segments. Thanks, Coach!”     – Brad Sanders, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Woodmore High School


What will I get?

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Live video recording of the one-hour webinar 
Quick Start Your Season With a Slow Look at Quick Hitters.


All the slides from the webinar.
You can download these and have
a quick visual reference of the webinar content.


Concepts & highlights of the webinar.
A quick reference guide in a downloadable document.



BONUS #1: More than 2 dozen quick hitters from top teams

Proven, successful quick hitters that you can adapt to your team and your situation using what you learn in the master clinic.

BONUS #2: The Big Word Offense

You’ll get the full offense with everything you need for implementation.  Wondering what it is? You’ll just need to buy the program and find out. But I assure you that it just might turn out to be one of the most useful tools in your longterm coaching kit . . . . but only if you follow the guidelines I give you in the master clinic.


Testimonial from Chris Giordano, Associate Head Coach, Men's Basketball, Rivier University“The webinar was excellent! Coach Burson is very knowledgeable and has a great perspective.” – Chris Giordano, Associate Head Coach, Men’s Basketball, Rivier University

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