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Monday Coaching Connection: Connect in 2016

Do you have a word for your year?

I’ve chosen my annual Word for the Year for 2016. I will post it everywhere to remind myself and I will tell everyone so that I stay accountable. With each new project or venture, I’ll return to my word and use it to help me reach my goals.

Connect in 2016

My word is connect. I want to connect better to my wife, my family, my friends, and especially to my readers, clients, supporters and subscribers.

We can connect in many ways – through touch, through voice, through kindness, and we can connect with many kinds of people – those we care about and those who upset us, those we know well and those who look, talk and act completely differently from us.

Introducing your Monday Coaching Connection

One way to connect is to share more with you. Beginning today, every Monday morning I’ll send you a nugget from my book, The Daily Nugget: Motivations for Basketball Coaches and Everyone Who Loves the GameI’ve called this your Monday Coaching Connection.

For those of you who have the book, you’ll see that I won’t always match the Monday Nugget with the Monday date, but to kick this off, I’ll match today’s Monday Nugget with today’s date, January 11, 2016.

January is part of MID-SEASON in the book: January – February – March. Here’s an excerpt from my introduction to the MID-SEASON:

The beginning of the nuggets is in the middle of the basketball season. The excitement has settled and the grind begins. All teams have problems, concerns, excitement, and lots of games left to play.

This is the time that coaches and players need to really come together to form a bond, lead each other and develop toughness for the finish line. Christmas is over, and there are not many surprises left, but there is still a whole lot of working hard, knowing your roles and believing in each other.”

January 6-12 is Adversity Week.

The best coaches face adversity. It will be a constant companion of anyone who enters the coaching profession. ‘Situations and circumstances be damned!’ You must be strong in the face of your concerns and practices. Have a great week engaging your adversity.”

– from The Golden Whistle~Going Beyond: The Journey to Coaching Success, Golden Nugget No. 7

January 11 Nugget

Jim Burson blog post: Your Monday Coaching Connection; pg 16 from his book "The Daily Nugget"; https://jimburson.com

Make a coaching connection by adding your thoughts to each nugget. (Click image for larger view.)

from The Daily Nugget, page 16.

The Practice

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a player perfected without trials.

– Chinese proverb (paraphrase)

The Practice is a concept or action for you to apply.

The Game

You are going to have people and situations rub you the wrong way. Let it make you shine even more!

The Game gives insight and clarity to The Practice.

Word Thought


Word Thought is always related to The Practice and The Game. It provides a focus for the day and countless ways to engage others.

Your Monday Coaching Connection Challenge

Take the Word Thought, The Practice and The Game and write your own tweet that includes the Word Thought: FRICTION. (see the photo with my note.) You can have each player write his or her own. It’s really fun to compare each other’s thoughts.


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