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Clarity comes from everyday focus.

Without clarity in life your today will be unproductive.

Siimon Reynolds, in his book Why People Fail (and which I call Why Coaches Losetalks about clarity of purpose. He tells us that the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brain has a lot to do with what we ultimately will become good or bad in.

The RAS filters a great deal of information and it must filter through the information and then choose what to do. If you love golf, then when faced with an array of information on many topics your mind will pick out any information regarding golf, even without your awareness of this.

Do you have clarity about what you want to do?

What do you want to do in life? Are you clear? Really clear?

I was lucky because from an early age I was very clear that I wanted to teach and coach. Because of this I searched out teachers and coaches like Don McKillip, Delbert Oberteuffer, Ed Sherman, George Raveling, George Klein and Pat Campbell. My RAS made me want to teach and coach like they did.

As a player (basketball, football, baseball) I tried to be like my heroes. I didn’t drink or smoke. I went to class and I studied. This clears up the old saying,

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you will be the way you act.”

If you hang around teachers, this will enhance your teaching. If you engage with people in church you will become more God-like. I’ll paraphrase that old saying this way:

“Hang around the people you like and you will become like them.”

Conversely, you might think of it this way:

“If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

Be clear about what you want.

Do you have clarity of purpose?

What paths do you want to take? If you are an athlete you must be willing and want to be around players who work hard. If you want to win you must do the things that winners do — not the things they might do after they’ve won, but the things they do along the way to their win. If you desire to be a leader you must be clear about what that takes.

If you pick great role models, that will make your path easier to traverse.

So you want to win!

Nick Saban, Alabama’s football coach, said,

“Don’t worry about winning. Focus on doing your job at the highest level, every single play, and the wins will follow.”

Your RAS will program your focus and goals and will lead you toward selecting hard work, good attitude, motivation and help you select others who want the same thing.

Be very clear you want to win, but also be crystal clear about paying the price it takes. It may seem impossible if your goal is to have an undefeated season, but if you work hard, play hard and hang around the right people, then day by day, week by week, practice by practice your ultimate goal may become clear and even achievable.

Everyday focus

Focus every day toward small, important attainable goals and soon you will be a winner.

Start today to clear the path toward your future with purposeful preparation. Being productive and clear regarding your goals must begin today.


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