Don’t Change Your Offense – Add a Little Princeton

Despite being recognized as one of the most difficult offenses
to defend, many coaches avoid the Princeton Offense
because it is perceived to be too complicated to teach.

Is this you?

Your team is pretty good fundamentally, but you’re up against
faster and bigger teams. You know that the Princeton
just might do the trick for you, but where do you begin?

Is this you?

You started looking into the Princeton. You watched some
videos on YouTube and bought a DVD. But somehow,
you just never quite got around to applying what you watched.

Is this you

Learn how to add the Princeton to your offense.

This season.


Personalize-the-PrincetonPersonalize the Princeton is the one-hour virtual master clinic during which I revealed my secrets for breaking down the Princeton into easy pieces so that you can add it to your offense — this year.

The truth is, the Princeton is complex and it does take a long time to teach. And it’s well worth the effort. I know, because I did it with my team.

Here’s my story: I traveled to Princeton University from Ohio. During my week-long visit, I stayed at the home of a former player so that I wouldn’t have the expense of a hotel room. I took my own notes. I didn’t have a video camera (and Coach Carmody wouldn’t have let me use one anyway.)

I was thankful that I have a PhD in education and had been teaching college classes for decades, because that meant I had the skills to analyze this great offense, create a way to make it my own and develop the most appropriate method to teach it to my players.

I spent 2 years studying, analyzing and personalizing the Princeton Offense before running it successfully with my Division III team over the next decade.

“Jim Burson, the code cracker of the offense, has spread his knowledge to coaches near and far.” -Sports Illustrated

I’ve spent the time and now you can reap the benefit.

That was the beginning.

Since then, I’ve taught the Princeton to more than 200 coaches at all levels – Division I, II and III, high school and summer coaches — teaching the how to use this great, classic offense in their programs.

“The Disseminator” who “cracked the code” of the Princeton Offense  –Sports Illustrated

Along the way,  Sports Illustrated talked about my work in its famous article about Pete Carill and the Princeton, “It All Starts Here.” Grant Wahl, the author, spent 2 days with me in New Concord and in his article, he credited me with “cracking the code” of the offense and named me “the Connector” and “the Disseminator” for my role in sharing its secrets with coaches around the country.


Learn from a master teacher-coach who has worked with coaches and players at all levels.

photo of Coach Jim Burson

I’m Dr. Jim Burson and I am passionate about helping coaches be the best that they can be. I’m past president and a life member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, “The Guardians of the Game.” I created and led clinics for Nike’s summer coaches and I evaluate their prestigious summer leagues. I’m a proud member of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, a retired college coach and professor with a PhD and more than 40 years of head coaching and teaching experience. During that time, I created one of the earliest summer youth camps, which ran for 40 years.


Personalize the Princeton is the first time that I’ve shared my knowledge with a wider audience.

My live online master clinic on the Princeton was so well-received that 2 weeks later I held another full-length 60-minute session where I spent the entire time answering audience questions about Personalize the Princeton. Not only did I answer live questions, but during both clinics I drew in-depth diagrams of plays and break-downs. You’ll be able to watch the diagrams being created as I explain them.

You’ll get 2 full-length sessions – 60 minutes each

Both clinics were recorded live, so you’ll hear and see the full, unedited presentation of breaking down the Princeton. And the complete responses to every audience question that was asked during the Q&A session.

Testimonial for Coach Burson, Page Moir, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Roanoke College“Jim Burson is truly a coach’s coach. Working with him has given me more confidence in my own coaching, increased my appetite to learn, and opened new avenues for me in my own coaching.”
-Page Moir, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Roanoke College

What will I learn?

  • How to use the best of your own offense and enhance it with the Princeton.
  • The basic principles for teaching the Princeton.
  • Simple X’s and O’s you can implement this year that will make your team hard to guard.
  • Which player skills must be developed so your team can execute with precision.

Plus these key insights

  • A quick history of the offense and how it fits into the history of the game.
  • Who runs the Princeton today at the major college level? How do they handle it?
  • Why there is no Staples Offense — but you might try a Cut and Curl Offense
  • Burson’s 12 Key Principles of the Princeton

Ask-the-Princeton-ExpertsThe Q&A is as valuable as the Princeton presentation

The Q&A session allowed me to dig deeper into teaching you how to build plays from the Princeton and apply them to your own offense. You’ll see and learn strategies about how and what to modify to fit your team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

I didn’t just talk about this. I drew detailed plays as I responded to each question. And you’ll be able to watch me create those plays as I explain. Much better than trying to study a finished diagram and figure out how it was built.


The audience questions were tremendous. I’d like to share some of them with you:

  • What type of defense would you run while running the Princeton? Is there one that works better in concert with this style?
  • What are some concepts/sets that can be run out of a 3-out/2-in configuration?
  • At the high school level you sometimes have a bigger but not very skilled post. Is the offense suitable?
  • How do you reset to keep spacing to his balancing point?

The questions and the answers are more meaningful after watching the original Personalize the Princeton. That’s why I’ve brought them to you as a packaged set.

“Tonight was great. I will definitely be able to implement some of the basics and the concepts immediately with my team.”
– Aaron Slusser, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Milton Area High School

What will I get?

Icon - VideoLifetime access to 2 sixty-minute live video recordings of
master coaching insights – 
Personalize the Princeton and
Ask the Princeton Experts – Q&A


Download slides from Personalize the Princeton webinarAll the presentation slides from Personalize the Princeton
You can download these and have a quick visual reference of the webinar content.


Download Coach Burson's 12 Principles of the PrincetonBurson’s 12 Principles of the Princeton
You’ll want to refer to these again & again.
This is a downloadable document.


Get instant access to
this double clinic of coaching insights
for $66 and give your team the edge this season.

Live recording of the virtual master clinic  Personalize the Princeton + live recording
of the virtual master clinic Ask the Princeton Experts – Q&A + presentation slides
+ Burson’s 12 Principles of the Princeton

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