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Join the Word of the Year challenge during our winter break!

News & Updates

Our first holiday break

We are happy to announce the first-ever holiday break for Jim Burson’s Solution-Based Basketball®. It has been a busy, wonderful year and now it’s time to pause, take some time off and rejuvenate. We will return to you with new ideas and new offerings on Monday January 16, 2017!

Small but mighty news

Jim Burson blog The Coaching Connection; Holiday Break + Strengths and Word On!; www.JimBurson.com

Our website is now searchable! Click image for a larger view.

Solution-Based Basketball is now fully searchable! Look for the words SEARCH THIS WEBSITE in the lower right corner of every page (except the home page.) This is a good way to look for blogs you might have missed or specific topics you’re interested in.

Keep visiting our site. You can read blogs you might have missed, check out our Coaching Resources, learn about A Slow Look at Quick Hitters or Personalize the Princeton digital products.

Maybe 2017 is your year to really work on improving your coaching. Gather your questions and set up a Discovery Session for one-to-one coaching with me.

Brother John’s retirement is statewide news!

Last week I told you how proud I am of my brother John’s 46 years of service as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. I’m bursting with pride that the Columbus Dispatch sent a reporter and photographer to walk his rounds on one of his final wintry days. All of us should be so fortunate in a chosen career!

Build On Your Strengths

I re-read Tom Grath’s great book StrengthsFinder recently and was reminded of just how important it is to acknowledge your weaknesses but be sure to discover and build on your strengths. Building on your strengths will improve your confidence in many important areas of your life —

  • your confidence in yourself and others
  • in the direction you want to go in your life
  • for the hope you have for your future and your families

— and when you build on your strengths you’ll also build on the kindness you have for everyone you come in contact with.


2017 Word of the Year Challenge

Jennifer and I are thinking about our Words for 2017 and we encourage you to do the same.

My 2016 word has been Possible, which I used because I turned 75 in 2016 and I was thinking about my age. has helped remind me that many things are still possible for me and that this would be impossible if I don’t keep learning every day.

Jennifer’s 2016 word has been Grounded. She writes, “I’m a person of great curiosity and many interests, which is both good and bad when you’re using the Internet as I do all day. The word Grounded keeps me focused on my goals and values, both for business and personally.”

My 2017 word just may be Discovery, in honor of John Glenn. I want to challenge myself to discover new things and not just be content with what I have and where I am … and that can be a real challenge. If you have any thoughts about Discovery or Discovering I’d love to hear from you.

Jennifer and I both would like to know what your 2017 word might be. Please reply in the comments below and let us know.


Stay grounded and have a great New Year!

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