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“Good Basketball Shot” Kevin Durant at Nike’s elite Kevin Durant Skills Academy – June 2014

“What is a good basketball shot?” Someone asked me that recently, and of course I said, “One you can make.” I then added, more seriously, that a good shot depends on many factors – balance, range of shot, time on the clock, the specific game situation, confidence and, of course, practice time and quality of practice.

Having thought more about it, I’ve concluded that the best shot is the one you have practiced the most, diligently and purposefully, and therefore have the most confidence in.

Last week at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy for elite players sponsored by Nike, I had the chance to observe Kevin’s two-hour long morning shooting workouts with his shooting coach, Adam Harrington. I’m not easily impressed … it was impressive!

He worked on everything: Fade-aways, off one foot, high arching, close-in shots, two-foot hops, fake fade-aways, off one foot, spin 360 degrees and shoot it. And every single moment was videoed for additional analysis!

He shot off one foot, two feet, he spun, he stepped back, he stepped under, he got bumped, he got fouled; shot after shot after shot was worked on diligently and with purpose.

It was not as much about physical effort as it was about mental focus. Every shot was analyzed, thought about and repeated over and over so that any shot he takes is a good shot.

Oh, he can still force on occasionally with too much pressure or at a poor time on the clock. But the vast majority of time, whatever type of shot he shoots, in any given situation, there’s a greater likelihood that he will make it – because he has worked on it.

Kevin Durant is a great player. The reason he stays great is because he is always trying to get better – one shot at a time, shot after shot, day after day.

What are you doing to make yourself a better coach today? What good basketball shot will you work on day after day as a coach?

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Photo: Jennifer Lyle | Exohs LLC