We lift ourselves when we help each other.

Coach K to Duke: You Make a Difference

I just finished watching a video of Coach Mike Krzyzewski talking to the Duke University professors and staff. It made me proud to know Mike. It made me marvel at how great a university Duke is and how proud I am to be an American. Wow! That’s quite a journey for one video.

Coach K’s message, from my point of view, is that all of us must continually elevate our standards. No matter how many wins you have, you must remain humble and strive to become better. Duke is considered to be one of the great educational institutions in the world. But even Duke can always improve. And that is the responsibility of each person who is involved with the institution.

Another point: Take ownership of whatever you are involved with. The team belongs to all involved and everyone is part of the family. Coach K said, “If there is a piece of paper on the ground, I pick it up because I am an owner. This is mine. Duke is mine. What I mean is that Duke belongs to all of us. We are the people of Duke and we make a difference.”

We all need to elevate our standards. We all need to take ownership. We all need to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

What a great challenge we have as coaches and as human beings – to plant seeds of character, class, discipline and love so that the natural talent of those we care about can grow to their fullest possible measure.

I needed that talk as the real head coach and I embark on this new adventure of our business. Starting a business can certainly bring out all one’s fears; and the challenges are alternately exciting and terrifying. But even the fears are good, because that means we have expectations for ourselves and standards that we are striving for. No fear? Then probably there aren’t many standards either. And those same standards continually bring us back to feelings of hope and optimism about the future. The challenge fuels the anticipation and we (with your help) will make it happen.

Announcing My First Webinar:

The incredible Satchel Paige, legendary pitcher. It’s arguable whether his fame came from his quips or his unhittable fastballs.

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I feel a bit like Christopher Columbus setting out and not knowing for sure where I’ll end up. But, like me, he must have felt great excitement and anticipation, particularly when he saw land.

We are charting unknown territory. Wish us luck. Hope you’ll join us on the journey.

We are trying to elevate our standards and help coaches elevate theirs.

Quote of the Week

“Be quick … and hurry a little.”

Burfucious Says

Being a champion is different than being a winner. We all can’t be champions but we all can be winners. You can always be a winner even if you’ve never been a champion.

Besop’s Thought

Don’t Miss the Moment

The insight: I was in a hurry. I was running in my jogging class, but my mind was on basketball practice. We lost last night; I needed to look at new tape; I needed to finish my practice schedule. One of the students running with me said, “Coach, you seem distracted. You are missing the joy of the jog.”

The pep talk: When you study, really study. When you play, play hard. Don’t miss the joy of the jog!

As the real head coach and I continue to elevate our standards, let us never lose sight of what and who are really important in our lives.

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Link to Coach K video