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Ahh, Siesta Key beach at sunset. Comfort! Now add an I.

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You might notice that this is called the The Coaching Connection. As you read on you’ll understand why there wasn’t a Monday Coaching Connection this week  😉 

Comfort With An I: The Coaching Connection

Fall in Ohio is great! The weather can have perfect days and the leaves are changing into those classic fall colors. And yet I hear the distant drums beat out the coming winter.

But wait! There’s still something that warms my heart. Yes! It is the distant bouncing of basketballs. Pre-season practices have begun and pre-season prognosticators are busy selecting the best teams. Coaches are blowing the rust off their whistles and working their troops into shape.

At the same time, football continues with all its great match-ups. If you are a baseball fan – and even if you just live in Illinois or Ohio – you have to love the historic Fall Classic (World Series) this year with the Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago Cubs. My prediction? Somebody is going to leave very disappointed.

I’m a Cleveland fan because of living in Ohio my entire life. Al Rosen was my favorite player when I was a youngster. He almost won the Triple Crown in 1953.

Having two Ohio champions in the same year would be beyond belief! (On a local note, it’s actually three champions, since our John Glenn High School boys basketball team won its first-ever state championship this year.) But still, you have to love the Cubbies! I really feel that if they won it all I’d still be genuinely thrilled for the Cubs, despite my disappointment about the Indians.


Although I love fall in Ohio, the Real Head Coach (Jennifer) and I have been out of Ohio more than in it during October. Here’s our travel list:

October 5-8: Jennifer was in Nashville for Tim Grahl’s Bestseller Summit, a book marketing conference.

October 13: We were in Columbus for a dinner where President Obama was the keynote speaker.

October 14-17: We drove to Virginia where Jennifer attended a yoga workshop while I spent time with my old friend Page Moir and his family for some R&R and golf. Playing the Homestead‘s fantastic Cascades Golf Course, Sam Snead’s old stomping grounds, had been on my bucket list! Thanks, Charlie Moir (also known as Page’s dad), for one more item checked off.

Jim Burson blog; Comfort With An I: The Coaching Connection; www.jimburson.com

Biking and blading in Sarasota

October 17-18: Next we traveled to Charleston to meet up with my friend and former player Marvin Smalley, who gave us his personal perspective of this beautiful city. We watched the sun rise at Folly Beach and Jennifer took beach yoga; we paddled kayaks in a peaceful pond in James Island County Park; Marvin and I had a putt-putt contest at River Towne Country Club – you owe me 15 cents, Marvin! – and finished off our time together with a meal of super-fresh shrimp, all the while reminiscing and sharing old times. After this whirlwind half-day we hit the road toward Florida.

October 19-25: At last we stayed in one place, my longtime condo in Sarasota at Stoneybrook. I golfed daily and loved it. Brag: My last day I shot a 73! Jennifer happily spent her time working on the new material from her two workshops along with more beach yoga, bike riding and roller blading.

I love fall wherever I am – Ohio or on the beach in Florida!


This leads me to my topic for today, comfort. It’s so easy to search for comfort, to get comfortable by staying where you are. Be careful with the term. We all must continue to grow to get better, to get off our butts and keep doing it. To find a new comfort level every day you must be willing to be a little uncomfortable.

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Put an I in Comfort

Put an I in the word Comfort and it becomes a new mantra, Come-For-It. I am the only one who can keep me pushing forward. I must keep coming for my goals every day.

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Comfort is wonderful, there’s no doubt about it. But Comfort without a bit of Come-For-It is stagnation. Keep growing, keep moving, keep lifting yourself and others.

The Real Head Coach and I have been Comfortably on the road for three weeks in a Come-For-It way, and I feel great. It’s a winning combination! Of course it helps that we are a strong, loving and caring team that’s committed to living in Comfort and Come-for-It!

Go Indians! And a little ‘Go Cubbies!’ The Fall Classic is on!


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Photo: Siesta Key Beach Sunset © Jim Burson