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Phase in the Princeton (video)

This highlights video is from an all-day private training I did on running the Princeton Offense. For more background, read this blog post. Learn more about my Personalize the Princeton here.

Coach Burson’s Daily Dozen Drills

1. Read.

‘We become what we repeatedly do.’ – Aristotle

How important is teaching the fundamentals of the game? Pretty darned important. Fundamentals are the basis for all of your coaching.

I coached at the Division III level for forty years. At this level, my fundamentals development program was essential – my players needed to get better each practice, each day and each year.

I developed the Basic Daily Dozen Dribbling Drills and the Basic Daily Dozen Passing Drills. We did all these plus form shooting every day before practice. Repetition was the key. However, both then and now the truth remains the same – players must want to get better for themselves, regardless of what their coach or personal skill trainer tells them to do.

And that was my most compelling job – to get the players to want to do the drills – those endless, repetitive drills…. Read more

2. Download.

Coach, before you download these Daily Dozen Drills, what is your strategy . . .

⇒ To get the players to want to get better for themselves?

⇒ To want to do the drills?

Coaching Resources: Daily Dozen Dribbling Drills by Coach Jim Burson, Solution-Based Basketball

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Coaching Resources: Daily Dozen Passing Drills by Coach Jim Burson, Solution-Based Basketball

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Get my books, The Golden Whistle and The Daily Nugget! They’ll help you be a better coach!

Get my best-selling book at Amazon. Click on the book cover.

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Podcast Guest Episodes

Hardwood Hustle

Alan Stein, Stronger Team
Adam Bradley, Ball Hogs Radio

Blowing the Golden Whistle with Jim Burson (A Coach’s Coach)

Talking shop in Dallas at the Final Four with veteran coach, and the author of The Golden Whistle, Jim Burson. Coach Burson is a coach’s coach and shared infinite wisdom that every coach needs to hear. (Episode #50)

Listen and download here.

The Outstanding Ohioans Show

Ron Siliko

About the interview: For my second podcast, I had the tremendous good fortune to talk to legendary basketball coach Jim Burson … The Golden Whistle is one of the best leadership books I have ever read, period (and I have read many, many books.)  This book has nuggets that span far beyond basketball to help you live a life of purpose and service. As you listen to the show, you will get a kick out of Dr. Burson’s stories and be inspired by the lives that touched him and the lives he touched. Thank you for listening, you will enjoy the journey Dr. Burson takes you on. (:90)

Listen and download here.

In this episode, I am privileged to conduct a second interview with Dr. Jim Burson. In our first interview, we shared Dr. Burson’s incredible journey and discussed his extraordinary book, The Golden Whistle. Dr. Burson has another book coming out soon The Daily Nugget: Motivations for Basketball Coaches and Everyone Who Loves the Game, with ways to engage the Golden Nuggets on a daily basis. (:52)

Listen and download here.

Interview #3
Listen and download here.

Whistle and a Clipboard

The Coaching Communities Resource

Jason Oates

Coach Burson interview topics: What is the definition of a coach? What does it mean to have coaching passion? Thoughts of the day, my own failures in coaching, how to teach, practice planning, coaching toolbox, basketball technology, books for all coaches to read (:48)

Listen and download here.