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Care about others even if they don’t care about you.

Today we have a lot of problems and concerns about where we are going as a country and the direction we are headed on this beautiful planet called Earth.

Who is to blame? Who is at fault? Do you even care?

There seems to be more fear, more anger, more mistrust and less love, caring and understanding. There are no easy answers, but I do know I am one of the people who often find myself lining up with the angry people, and I only know one thing for certain: I can’t control the crowd that cries and laments but I can control my reactions. I don’t care about a lot of causes, but I care that you care, and I am going to continue to love you and your causes even if I disagree with your thoughts and actions.

“Good luck,” you say.

I know it’s going to continue, but I can try to reach out with love and understanding, even if we disagree and you hate me! I will still try to reach back with love and allow us to care about each other.

My daughter Jamie told me the other day to “be where your hands are.” She meant that you must know where you are and who you are. She suggested that if you stand up for who you are you will still have people who disagree, but you can take your hands and reach them out for a disagreeable acceptance and show you still care about them.

You may not always like what people say and do, but you can still have them as friends. Reach out with your hands and you will touch the hearts of those around you.

The problems and concerns will always be there, but with love, open arms and caring we can all get along much better.

I care that you care. We are all to blame, but I can make a difference! Can you?

Do you really care? I do.


January 1st, 2019|Coaching, Motivate, Philosophy, Teach, The Game|2 Comments

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