Lead players into the rest of their lives.

I read a lot. Mostly I read motivational, inspirational and personal development books. It’s always non-fiction.

I just finished Take the Lead by Betsy Myers. She writes about developing a road map for leadership in your life. I picked it up because I’m always trying to improve my own leadership abilities and the title intrigued me. The book is filled with good, thought-provoking statements and is written from the perspective of the author’s career in politics.

The best leaders may not be heroes or wealthy or hall of famers. The best leader might be a mom trying to help her kids or a teacher lifting her students to become the best they can be.

The best leaders are leading people into the rest of their lives.

As coaches, we need to focus less on winning and more on becoming the best we can become. This is the only way to become a true leader. When we do this, we infuse our players with that feeling and they, too, want to strive always to be the best they can be. They, too, become leaders. And in this way lasting legacies are created.

Along our personal path to leadership, we must remember:

1. Circumstances and situations can be discouraging at times, but accepting great challenges is integral to success.

2. We must become knowledgeable in our chosen field and always push to learn more.

3. We must have great relationship and communication skills. Times change. Kids definitely change and so do players. Can you adapt?

4. We must be aware of the human factors. Kids are kids. They will make mistakes. They will turn the ball over. The truth is, they may not be very good physically or mentally. But no matter what, the good news is that each one of us can always get better.

What a great challenge.

It’s difficult to not focus on winning. But if you focus on making people better, the wins will come. Take the lead!

Staying focused and being purposeful is never an easy task, particularly when you are doing something new. Whenever you’re doing something new, different problems occur daily. Your vision and purpose must be clear from the beginning, so that during periods of adversity they can guide you and you can take the necessary steps to keep moving on.

The best is yet to come!

Here, There and Everywhere

The basketball season is just around the corner. How’s your practice planning coming along? Check out my one-to-one services here if you’d like to work on that (or other pre-season concerns) with me.

The real head coach and I will be doing a lot of traveling over the next couple of months:

  • Power Boost Live Conference, Phoenix – Oct. 12 & 13 – Jim & Jennifer
  • Personalize the Princeton Offense, live webinar – Oct. 18 – Jim & Jennifer
  • Sports Media & Technology Conference, NYC – Nov. 7 & 8 – Jennifer
  • Keynote Speaker, Lake Erie Basketball Officials Association, Cleveland – Nov. 12 – Jim
  • Coach George Raveling Digital Committee, Las Vegas – Nov. 19 & 20 – Jennifer
  • Featured Presenter, Venezuelan Basketball Federation & FIBA America Coaching Clinic, Venezuela – Nov. 22-24 – Jim

Quote of the Week

“The best coaches are leading their players into the rest of their lives.”

Burfucious Says

The hardest person to manage and to coach is oneself.

Besop’s Thought

Anticipate the Problem

The insight: It was a busy time – 3 games in 6 days! I am sure most of you know the schedule. One of my upperclass players had not been playing well. The day of our third game, I told him he was not going to start. He was angry and disappointed, especially because his family was coming to watch him play.

Of course, they were unhappy that he was not starting. The next day they called to say their son was quitting the team. I had failed to keep the communication line open. I should have called them before the game and certainly the day after the game. I lost a couple of nice parents and a really good kid that day.

The pep talk: Informed players and parents feel more secure and more trusting.

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