Jim Burson's Solution-Based Basketball

How to become a Golden Whistle coach: Become better at all you do

1. Work hard and study the game, both past and future. Be a constant learner.

2. Develop relationships. Network early and often. You don’t have to put on your ass-kissing lips, but a little smooching goes a long way.

3. You will have critics. Listen, but don’t react. Stay away from people who rob you of your energy.

4. Think out of the box. Understand Solution-Based Basketball®. Ask questions. Find the answers.

5. Build from your turnovers. Go from terrible to terrific. Try learning from your mistakes.

6. Be honest – with yourself and the team. This builds a Golden Bridge toward trust.

7. Seek help. Find a friend or a mentor who will support you, win or lose, and give you guidance. Invest in yourself and your career with a trusted consultant.

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Burson’s Golden Whistle Belief: The wind in the world always blows toward good.