The Daily Nugget

"The Daily Nugget" by Jim Burson.

“A treasure trove of inspiration.
An amazing book by an amazing coach and man.”

Jay Bilas, ESPN

More than ever, it’s the communication and relationship issues that can make or break our programs.

Now there’s The Daily Nugget – a year round motivation and relationship system for every coach and team.

“Every coach has an offensive and defensive system. Good coaches have a rebound and fast break system as well. But great coaches have a motivation and relationship system in place. The Daily Nugget is your daily guide.”

– Jim Seward, School of Hoops

THE DAILY NUGGET is written by a coach for coaches. When you engage this book, you get powerful connections with everyone in your program, from players to parents and officials. Let your players have their own copies and you’ll see a chain reaction, as they begin to motivate themselves and each other.

Filled with priceless wisdom and advice.”

– George Raveling, Nike Director of International Basketball, Naismith Hall of Fame

Designed for busy coaches, the book is organized by the five key seasons of basketball – pre-season, early season, mid-season, post-season and summer season. Each section opens with season-specific tips for how to use the nuggets and closes with a summary of how things went.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Bring out the best in yourself, your players and everyone around you
  • Motivate and inspire your players through good times and tough times
  • Communicate with your players year round
  • Build the strong relationships that create long-term success


Coach Burson has had a profound impact on my life as a coach. The Daily Nugget shares so much of the wisdom and expertise that I’ve learned from him – it is an absolute must read for any coach looking to master their craft and positively influence their players.”

– Alan Stein, Stronger Team

Whether you’re a veteran coach or just starting out, there’s no better way to lift and motivate your players  – and yourself – than by engaging The Daily Nugget every day.

Reader Testimonials

This book goes beyond X’s and O’s to true coaching. Coach Burson’s wisdom and perspective are invaluable, especially when the desire to win can sometimes tempt us to take short cuts. He provides reminders about what really matters. Love the format as well. A quick thought every day to start the day and help you connect with your team and grow as a person and coach!” – Jeff H.
Jeff H.


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