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Do your part to balance your ThanksTeamGiving Day.

Even when we are thankful for all the great things we have in our lives, Thanksgiving can be a time of stress, particularly if you are the one in charge of the food! In many households some people spend all of their time in the kitchen while others spend all their time in front of the television set. This Thanksgiving, each of us needs to pitch in and help each other make this a joyful time for everyone. Just like we coaches balance our basketball teams, we must balance the responsibilities and tasks so that Thanksgiving can be enjoyable for all. Become a ThanksTeamGiving team!

Balance in getting ready

We can help decide what food to make, create shopping lists and do the shopping; we can help with the preparation of food, setting the table, getting all the chairs rounded up and put in place, cleaning the house. We all should have a job … or more than one.

Remember, we still need to allow the good cooks to cook and the good decorators to decorate, but we all have a role and responsibility to make sure that everybody shares in the work and enjoying the entire day.

Balance in eating

The word balance also refers to how much we eat. We tend to eat too much during this holiday and we need to be careful. Not too much turkey, just the right amount. We don’t want sick teammates. I know from a personal standpoint that sometimes I’ve eaten so much that I feel bad for a couple of days afterward. But I’ve blamed that on the cooks because it tastes so wonderful and is so good that I always want just one more helping!

Balance after the meal

In basketball I always told our players, “We leave the locker room better than we found it.” So we cleaned up the room, picked up the trash and made sure that everything was back in order better than when we arrived. It’s the same thing when you’re visiting someone else’s house. You don’t want to leave a messy house to the cook who just spent hours in the kitchen preparing a feast for everyone. Helping with clean up is a big deal. Everyone needs to pitch in. …. and don’t wait to be asked! This team consists of table cleaners, garbage picker uppers, washers, dryers, and those who put everything away. What a team!

And then there is too much TV, too much football. We need to think ‘team’ and spend time with each other. Be sure to look around and do your share to help the team. Together, we can all have a joyful and thankful ThanksTeamGiving.

Burson balance

When my mom and dad were still living, the Burson Thanksgiving was always great. We would all meet at Sue (my sister) and Charlie Argo’s house: seven kids and then grandkids and husbands and wives. It was a mob scene, but everyone did their share. My three older sisters took the lead, taught their own families what to do and how to be great teammates and the rest of us followed their leadership in making sure that all responsibilities were shared. I am so proud of all the Bursons, who didn’t have a lot but were thankful for so much.

The big rub for many years was that my own family – Sonie and I and our kids, Jamie and Jay, always left early so I could get back to campus for Thanksgiving Day evening basketball practice. That was a popular move!! I got some of ‘those’ looks, but they were always blinded by the love that I felt!! What great times! And I am still the best Euchre player in the family.

Balance through the holidays

It is so easy to lose balance and perspective in life, especially during the holidays. It is easy to get too wrapped up in doing things when the whole point is being loving and thankful. And when every person pitches in and helps out, then it makes it easier for everyone else. Balance your life: share your love and don’t let all the preparation get you down.

Have a balanced ThanksTeamGiving full of love and turkey!


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  1. Geo November 22, 2016 at 11:16 am #


    Enjoy the holiday.


  2. Sue Argo November 22, 2016 at 6:37 pm #

    Just a little side note to this coaching connection – Coach Burson is not the best euchre player…Maybe the best bull——-!Such a great brother, though, so enjoy all these posts and so proud of him…..

    Have a wonderful ThanksTeam Giving holiday to you and yours…Hugs

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