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Jim Burson blog; Storm the Field: The Coaching Connection;

Storm the field, the court, the classroom, every day and always help others to do the same.


Wow! What a game!

The Buckeyes versus the Wolverines. It lived up to all the hype. Very seldom do I watch the entire game, but the magnitude of the playing and of the game pulled me in and I was hooked.

My granddaughter, Margo Nelis, is a freshman at Ohio State and was very excited to go to her first Michigan-Ohio State game. It’s funny what goes through your mind, but as the game ended, I told the real head coach that I hoped Margo was one of the students that stormed the field. 

Coincidentally my other granddaughter, Madison, who is at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, sent me a text message regarding one of her classes she was attending. She wanted my opinion! She was storming the class! She is excited about her chosen profession, her school and her classes.

Be sure that when you get a chance to do so in life that you too storm the field.

We can all storm the field today! Make your own excitement. Find someone to share it with and storm the field, storm the class … storm your work today!

Yesterday the real head coach came outside as I was loading our collected recycling bins and asked if she could help. We delivered the recycling in record time and then spent the next couple hours together raking leaves, putting away the patio furniture and other fall tasks. We stormed the field together. It made the job so much easier and so much more fun. We stormed the yard work together.

What are you planning to storm today? You can do it by yourself. For example, I am presently storming this blog. If you’re a teacher you can challenge your students to storm the assignment together. You could become involved in a political cause on campus and storm the quadrangle. Whatever you do today, storm the field with the intent to help others.

Glenn Wilkes storms the court every day! Happy birthday, Glenn!

Jim Burson blog; Storm the Field: The Coaching Connection;

Glenn Wilkes and me at Stetson University where he coached. Who will you storm the field and court with?

My friend, mentor and hero Glenn Wilkes storms the field every day. Maybe that’s why he’s a Hall of Fame coach (College Basketball Hall of Fame and 6 or 7 others!) Today, November 28, is his birthday and he turns 88 years young. He is one of the most energetic, charismatic people I know. How do I know he storms the court every day?

He is a learner.

He still challenges himself to improve every day. He reads and studies the game. He helps other people by sharing his knowledge. He taught himself how to program his own website and is always determined to learn the latest online techniques.

He is a listener.

Whenever Glenn calls, he wants to know what I have been doing and asks about Jennifer and the rest of my family. His storming brings joy.

He is a leader.

Glenn still runs successful basketball tournaments in Florida. He takes teams to Europe; he continues an active, thriving business. He leads by example and by action. He leads the storms in his life.

He is a lifter.

Glenn cares about others and is always looking for ways to help others. I know when I am down and I talk to him my heart is lifted and I feel like storming the court with him.

He is a lover.

Glenn loves basketball and he loves his family. His grandson will be a student-athlete at Florida State next year. Be careful if you attend one of the basketball games there, because if Wyatt hits a game-winner you will probably run into Grandpa Glenn storming the court!

We all need to be field-stormers. Every day try to make somebody’s life better. Be excited! Jump up and down! Storm to work! Storm to class! Storm to breakfast! During all the storming, find time to share your love and sunshine with those you love!


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Image ‘Storm the Field’ and Photo:  © Jennifer Lyle


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